Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Koneta Farms

Koneta Farms Herdshares

Welcome friends! Jeff and I are so excited to introduce you to our favorite place in the world, our homestead here in Wapakoneta, Ohio, also known as Koneta Farms. Our goal here at Koneta Farms is to serve our community with nutrient-dense foods and help people get back to their roots. We are working hard to expand these farm-raised goods to serve our customers better in the years to come.

This page is under construction…more very soon! Come back and check us out 🙂

Currently, we are offering herdshares for raw milk and raw milk products, and free-range eggs. In 2022 we will be adding pastured poultry to the list. We will have broilers available and hope to be able to raise a few turkeys later in the year for the holidays. When we have more information available on the poultry, you will see an update here. If you are interested in learning more about how herdshares work, please see our blog post below.

What are herdshares? Check out our blog post to learn more. Herdshares

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