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Essential Oils

All you need to know about diffusing essential oils

If you are going to be a hippy essential oil person than you need to know your basics of diffusing. Did you get a little kick out of that?! Isn’t that statement so true for many views on essential oils? I am far from a hippy essential oil person, BUT I do LOVE my oils and think that everyone needs to learn how to use a diffuser and why. Let me help you learn all you need to know about diffusing essential oils and more.

How to use the doTERRA Petal Diffuser.
DoTERRA’s Petal Diffuser

Why diffuse essential oils

When diffusing essential oils, you are using them aromatically. This is such an effective way to use oils because our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. Our bodies have over 1,000 receptors for smell which is more receptors than for any other sense. This means that putting essential oils directly in the air we breathe can influence not only our environment but more importantly our emotions.

Along with emotional benefits, there are several other reasons why you would want to diffuse essential oils. Several oils have cleansing properties and are great for purifying the air. A couple of my favorites are Purify and On Guard. Another benefit of diffusing is to help with clear breathing and opening airways. DoTERRA’s Breathe oil is formulated just for this and helps open you right up. Another benefit is freshening the air. It is so easy to ditch those chemical-filled air fresheners and start using a diffuser to help make your home smell fresh while also getting all the other benefits of those oils you are breathing in.

How to use a diffuser

The best way to diffuse essential oils is to use an ultrasonic or water diffuser. You do not want to heat oils to diffuse them because this can alter the oils chemistry. My favorite diffusers from doTERRA are the Petal Diffuser and the Lumo Diffuser. They are both ultrasonic and are great at dispersing the oil into the air while being able to last for several hours throughout the day.

To use these diffusers, simply fill the diffuser with tap water, unless you live in the country than I would suggest distilled or bottle water, to the easy to see red fill dot. Once you have your water full, pick whichever oil(s) you would like to diffuse and add anywhere from 2-6 drops of oil. The amount of oil depends on the size of the diffuser and also the size of the room you are diffusing in. Once you have your oil in go ahead and replace the lid and hit the mist (on) button. You can choose how long you would like it to run and also if you would like the light on or off.

My favorite diffuser blends

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when you start out making your own diffuser blends. Here are a few of my favorite blends for you to try while you start figuring out what smells are your favorite.

doTERRA Diffuser Blend with Balance and Wild Orange
Mood Changing Diffuser Blend

Mood Changing Blend
– 2 drops Balance (Grounding Blend)
– 2 drops Wild Orange

Smells like Fall
– 2 drops Cassia
– 2 drops Citrus Bliss

Spring Cleaning
– 3 drops Wild Orange
– 3 drops Lemon
– 2 drops Peppermint

For more great diffuser blends visit my Pinterest board.

Cleaning your diffuser

Learning to clean your diffuser is a must to help it run at its best and last for many years. You don’t want to let old water and essential oils sit too long because it could corrode and ruin your diffuser. You also want to make sure you clean the old oil out between uses. It might not smell that great when you try and diffuse different oils/blends back to back.

For optimal efficiency wipe out your diffuser between uses and let it dry before the next use. If you are looking for a quick clean, diffuse Lemon oil for a few minutes before wiping it out. This makes it easier to get any residue and water lines out. It is recommended that you do a deep clean on your diffuser at least once a month. Follow these steps for deep cleaning:
– Be sure your diffuser is off.
– Fill it halfway with water.
– Add 10 drops of white vinegar to the water.
– Turn the diffuser on and let it run for about 5 minutes.
– Turn the diffuser off and drain the water.
– Rinse the inside of the diffuser and lid with clean water.
– Wipe everything with a clean dry cloth.

I hope you are able to confidently use your diffuser now that you know the ins and outs of why to use, how to use, what to diffuse, and how to clean your diffuser. Another important part of essential oil use is safety. Be sure to check out How to use essential oils safely to help you with the other 2 ways you can use your oils, topically and internally.

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