Wednesday, October 04, 2023

First 3 months of building a house

Before I get started into sharing the progress of our home, I would like to thank you all. Thanks to those who have prayed for us and those that have walked by our side through this journey. When we had our dream ripped away from us 2 years ago from a bad contractor, we were not sure we would ever get to live on the farm. Now 2 years later, we have started the whole process over, and even though we are facing some massive debt (still paying for the first disaster) we are moving in the right direction.

Without further ado, please join me in the building process of our forever home.

First thing, driveway started and house staked out.

New driveway

They started digging the basement and foundation.

Digging the basement
Digging the basement
Digging the basement

Before we knew it, they had poured the walls.

Poured basement walls
Foundation for garage

Shortly after they poured the basement floor.


They then poured the garage and basement, but covered it the next day to protect it from the weather. The pictures below are just a couple days before they set the house.

Garage and porch covered up.
Septic is going in.

The house arrived, but things didn’t go as planned. We were ready and had a watch party, but the crane was so late arriving that it took 2 days instead of just 1. Luckily, my parents were able to watch and take pictures for me.

Ready for the watch party
We were prepared for the cold day!
Crane finally arrived (2-3 hours late).
Unibuilt House
The house made it up the driveway. Trust me that was an accomplishment 🙂
Setting a Unibuilt House
Setting the first section of the house.
Setting a Unibuilt House
They set the first section down and were running out of daylight so had to wait before moving forward with the rest of the house.

Day 2 of setting the house. Just a little explanation of how it is done. Once the first section is set, they then need to lift the roof. Before setting the second section of the house, they lift the roof on it then move it to the foundation.

Setting a Unibuilt House
Lifting the roof on section 1.
Setting a Unibuilt House
Roof lifted on section 2 and moving it to the foundation to set.
Setting a Unibuilt House
Almost set. Hopefully this is the only time it will snow in my house 🙂
Setting a Unibuilt House
Setting a Unibuilt House
Unibuilt Home
Our house is HOME!

We still have 3 more months to go before we can move in, but we are just so excited and blessed to be on this journey. I want to thank the Unibuilt crew for delivering our home and doing such a great job with communicating with us while we were all watching and potentially in the way. They were very nice guys and entertaining as they were throwing snowballs 🙂 they gave us some laughs.

I also want to thank our builder RE Becker Builders out of Wapakoneta, Ohio. We have the pleasure of working with Jackie Carpenter, who is great at her job. She is extremely helpful and easy to work with. We look forward to the next few months as we continue to move forward with more exciting milestones, and of course, making some decisions with the interior design. I opted out of a lot of the light fixtures so I could put my farmhouse touch on things, and the search is on to find the perfect pieces for our forever home.

Much love,
The Browns

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