Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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What is Farmasi?

I have had several messages lately asking me, What is Farmasi? People have noticed my boost in confidence and overall happiness since finding this company. I have been sharing the news far and wide, and what better way to get it even further out into the world than to blog about it!? So, it is time for me to answer all the questions and let you in on this new company I came across and I am in love with.

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct selling company that is based out of Turkey. They have been creating cosmetics for over 67 years and have been in the health industry for 80 years. They just recently brought their products to the United States (2019), which is why several people have never heard of them. Before coming to the US, they successful managed to sell their products in 125 countries reaching 25 direct selling markets.

Why I picked Farmasi and why you should care!

Just a little back story for you, I have struggled with hormone issues my whole life. It goes from cystic acne to infertility and a bunch of stuff in between. I have worked very hard for the last 5 years to clean up my products and live a more natural lifestyle. I use essential oils for just about everything these days, but I have struggled to find a non-toxic makeup that works for my skin. The fewer toxins the better! We should all try and live by that statement 🙂

When I heard that Farmasi was a company based out of Turkey and that they had EU standards, I was very intrigued. I instantly started to research the company and look at all the certifications that they lived by. I knew that the EU standard was much stricter than our FDA, and I hoped that I would like what I found. Obviously, as you can tell from the paragraph title I liked what I found, and I have decided to share it with others.

Did you know that the FDA only bans 11 harmful chemicals from cosmetic products? EU bans over 1300!!! Yes, that is NOT a typo…1300! This right here is why I have been looking for so long to find a product that I could trust and feel confident using, knowing that I wasn’t doing more harm to my body and hormones. You can see several of Farmasi’s certifications below.

Farmasi EU Standards

If that staggering number above was not enough to make you love this company, let me share with you another wonderful thing they do.
Since they own their facility and have 7 different factories where they can produce most of their products, they can keep their prices down and make it super affordable for everyone. My favorite Zen Mascara is only $8.90 retail, but since I bought the $20 starter kit, I get 50% off that price! You didn’t misunderstand…I get my mascara for $4.45, and a ton of benefits come along with that starter kit. The ability to earn commission, and have a free website for starters.

If you are interested in learning more about these products or this company, I would love to talk with you. Shot me an email at or visit my Farmasi website here.

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