Sunday, December 10, 2023

10 things to do in the New Year

Are you ready for 2020? Well, there is no time like the present seeing that we are now in the new year! If you haven’t sat down and planned out your year, let’s do it together. It is time to make goals and figure out what you want to improve this year. Remember, January 1st is the start of a new book. You have 365 days (actually 366 this year since it is a leap year) to make it a great, and each day is a blank page waiting to be written. Let’s dive right in and figure out what 10 things you should be doing in the new year.

1) Drink more water. I am not sure if you are a water drinker or not, but it is time to become one. Water is such a necessary part of our overall health, and you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a DAY. I know that is a lot, but try your best to get to that amount each day. 

For example: If you weight 140 pounds, divide that in half (70 pounds) and then turn that into ounces (70 ounces). Now find you a great water bottle, add your favorite essential oil for flavor, and reach your goal each day.

2) Move your body. I am not going to tell you to exercise cause that can be such an annoying word. Instead, just focus on moving your body more. Maybe take a walk or do some yoga. Find something that you enjoy that involves you moving just for an extra 30 minutes each day.

3) Dream BIG! Take some time in the new year to sit down and just think. What makes you happy? What do you want your life to look like next year, in 5 years, and even 10 years? Don’t think about what is possible but rather dream for the stars. Let’s be honest, anything is possible so do not hold yourself back.

4) Focus on your relationships. Not only the relationships you have with your significant other but also your friends and family, and most importantly yourself. I don’t think we take time to work on ourselves like we should and become the best version of us. Make sure you put that on your to-do list this year.

5) Really look at what you are feeding your body. Before eating something, ask yourself, ‘Does this fuel my body?’. Don’t eat just to eat but rather grab something that is going to nourish and fuel your body rather than just fill you up. I am not saying you cannot enjoy food but just pay more attention to what you are putting in your body. You only get one, so make sure you take care of it.

6) This follows right along with number 5, look at what you are putting ON your body. Remember what you put on your body gets in your body. Make it a goal for 2020 to cut out the chemicals and focus on natural products, like essential oils. If you need help with this one, just hit me up 😉

7) Rest. This one might sound like common sense, but sometimes we need to be reminded to just slow down and rest. Maybe take the time to look around you and be thankful for what you have and where you are. These days we move so fast that we forget how far we have come and what hills we have overcome along the way.

8) Don’t forget to give/donate this year. If you are reading this, I can guarantee you have more than someone else. Giving is not all about money, although giving money can really impact the world and be a great way to donate. You can also give your time. There are plenty of rescues, groups, churches, and so many more places where you can donate your time to help others.

9) Take a trip or staycation. You deserve to do something for you! Plan a trip or time at home if you prefer. Either way, plan it and stick to it this year. You will not regret it!

10) Lastly, I want you to sit down and write out your goals. We have just gone over 9 things that should have sparked some goals for 2020. I want you to write these goals down, make a poster board with motivational pictures and quotes, and tell people about these goals. Find someone that will help hold you accountable to keep striving to reach those goals!

I hope I was able to help you jump head first into the new year with these 10 ideas. Just remember you are in charge of how your year goes so, be sure to make it a good one! Happy New Year!

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