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Essential Oils

4 Easy DIY Diffusers

Did you know you can diffuse essential oils in your home even if you don’t have a diffuser!? I am here to show you how easy it is to do some DIY diffusing around the house, and the best part is you probably have all of these items already! Before we jump into these 4 Easy DIY Diffusers, let’s talk a little about why diffusing oils is such a great idea.

Not only does diffusing essential oils allow your respiratory tract and lungs to easily absorb the oils, but research shows that some oils also purify the air. Once they enter your respiratory tract they soon find their way into your bloodstream. Here they are able to help assist with ailments, mood, and also boosting your immune system. So not only are the oils cleansing the air, making your home smell amazing (without any chemicals 😉 of course), but everyone in the house is benefiting from breathing them in. I would say that is a win-win in my book.

Enough waiting…let’s get right to the 4 Easy DIY Diffusers you are here to learn about.

Toilet Paper Roll

Could your bathroom use a little freshening up? Avoid those yucky odors by adding a couple of drops of essential oil inside of the toilet paper roll. Each time someone spins that white fluffy roll your favorite aroma will spread through the bathroom.

4 easy diy diffusers

Dried or Fake Plants

Turn your decorations into diffusers. Do you have any dried or fake plants sitting throughout your home? You can add a couple of drops of oil onto your dried plants or add some lava rocks in the pots and add oil directly to those. Some great essential oils to use would be Lavender, Wild Orange, Peppermint, or Geranium. Who says fake plants can’t smell good… 😉

4 easy diy diffusers


I love this trick and nobody will ever know about it when they come to your home. Grab some wooden clothespins and add anywhere from 2-5 drops of oil to each one. Pull up your air vent covers and clip your clothespins inside and then put the covers back in place. Each time your heating or cooling kicks on your home will be filled with a fresh scent.

4 easy diy diffusers

Cotton Balls

Now that you have your home smelling amazing with these easy DIY diffuser hacks let’s make sure your stinky shoes don’t ruin that fresh scent. Grab some cotton balls and add 2-3 drops to each one (I like to use Purify oil for this DIY). Place a cotton ball in each shoe that might not be smelling its best. Leave the cotton balls overnight or longer if you would like and be sure to say goodbye to that unwanted odor.

4 easy diy diffusers

I hope these 4 easy DIY diffusing hacks will help you ditch the chemicals and reach for a more natural form of air freshener. Looking for more essential oil information? Check out the links below.

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